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For Students

Counselors communicate with parents through phone conversations, meetings, parent conferences and presentations. The counselors provide parents with a deep understanding of the culture of the academy through:

  • Grade-level parent presentations provide information as to expectations associated with each grade with respect to course attainment and college readiness and access. It can be an opportunity to impart information on assessments, graduation plans, attendance and more.
  • A monthly newsletter for students and parents can cover topics essential to their grade level. Include testing dates, programs, college visitation dates, scholarships, AP/SAT/ACT test schedules, helpful websites, and more.
  • Conferencing allows counselors to use their strong interpersonal skills and knowledge of the academic program to effectively communicate with parents when stumbling blocks appear in the pathway to their student’s success. When the counselor participates in parent/teacher/student conferences it becomes an opportunity to advocate for the student while supporting the policies of the academy. These open and honest conferences promote open and honest relationships and communication.